Linda is the only choice for agencies that are serious about scaling LinkedIn services

The is the only platform developed and managed by experienced agency professionals. Our platform is built with scale, simplicity and reliability in mind.

Linda is built with agencies in mind – with scale and simplicity at the core

Linda grew in an agency and has always been developed with that use case in mind. We’ve combined ease of use with reliability and resilience in the platform to allow you to add new services to your business or enhance existing ones. Whether you are new to LinkedIn marketing or experienced and looking for a better solution – Linda can slot into your process and toolkit quickly and easily to grow your revenue.
Linda enables your agency to activate direct messaging on LinkedIn as part of communications, business development, marketing or sales services. Linda can send flexible message sequences, including connection invitations, scheduled and delivered from the cloud. Linda’s smart inbox monitoring means you never miss a response, and makes managing the output of your services simple for your team.
Create audiences using LinkedIn, LinkedIn Premium, Sales Navigator or import your own data. Linda allows you to create and communicate with prospects using a variety of data inputs. We are actively working on new data sources all the time.
Reporting is a constant challenge for agencies running digital services. Linda updates performance dashboards in real time across your account, as well as generating detailed pre formatted campaign reports to enable your team to measure progress quickly.
We are working on a number of integrations for agency customers. Currently you can sync account data to secure Google sheets, push to Zoho CRM or talk to us about custom integrations with your tech stack.

Build audiences from multiple sources – plan and schedule campaigns easily

Live performance dashboards – aggregate account data available

Detailed campaign reporting – generated live, export or push to platforms

Measure, manage and forecast results in person to person messaging campaigns using Linda.


Avg. Connection Rate


Avg. Response Rate

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Looking for a replacement for your current LinkedIn automation tool?

We make the move easy

We understand changing tools is not always easy in agency businesses – and we’re here to make the transition as smooth as possible. Our experienced tech team can help you migrate or import key data from your current tool into Linda to ensure your campaigns continue to run seamlessly. We can offer a range of additional support depending on how complex your process and tech stack is.
Trial Linda First
We offer free trial periods and consultation for you and your team to make sure moving platform is the right decision. We know it’s a big job so we want to ensure we can support your use case before any changes happen.
Migrate Your Data
We can migrate and/or import data over to Linda to ensure the move is seamless for your client campaigns. Depending on your set up, process and tech we will work with you to create a migration plan.
Optional Onboarding Support
Our team are available to help you get to know the platform and provide support in the early stages. Once you’re comfortable we are always available in chat to support you.
Invested in Mutual Growth
We work closely with our agency partners to gather feedback and shape our roadmap based on your requirements. We are always happy to discuss requests and ideas from you and your team to help us help you.